Who We Support

At With Love Baby Gifts we are all about Families. We understand that many Families can struggle at times, but with a little help things can get better. We are passionate about helping where we can. We believe that children, young people and Families should be safe, thriving and hopeful, but most of all we believe they should feel supported, not ashamed to ask for help.

We are on a mission to connect with the community around us plus groups and Associations that are helping Families throughout Australia, starting with our very own State - Tasmania,

We would like to encourage others to also support and reach out to these wonderful groups. Did you know that on most occassions these are filled with caring volunteers?

Let's foster a world filled with love and compassion, to create a healthy and safe environment for generations to come.


Connected Groups & Associatons

The Nappy Collective

Collecting your left over nappies and redistributing them to organisations who support families in crisis or in need.
A handful of leftover nappies may not mean much to you or me, but a collective of these nappies can make a huge impact to families in crisis or in need.



Pregnancy Counselling & Support Tasmania

In acknowledging the importance of all pregnant women and their babies, Pregnancy Counselling and Support provides counselling, physical assistance, moral support and information to women in need, and their families, in a caring, accepting environment.


Tassie Mums
Tassie Mums is a registered not for profit volunteer led organisation passionate about providing babies and children with everyday essentials for a safe start
Founded 20 October 2015.