Face Scrub Cream
Face Scrub Cream

Face Scrub Cream

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A creamy face scrub that exfoliates while nourishing your skin. The Face Scrub Cream is loaded with nutrient-rich exotic butters and oils, and gently yet effectively leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple. Suited to Normal and Dry skin types Skin feel Smooth and supple Texture Cream Aroma Exotic Floral Character Refreshing Size 50g


This Face Scrub Cream is rich and decadent. It refines and smooths your skin, removing dead cells and debris from the surface, revealing fresh new skin. It is creamy with a beautiful amazonian butter to heal and repair your skin.

- Murumuru butter is rich amazonian butter rich in nutrients that deeply moisturises your skin - Virgin Coconut oil is a great antioxidant and penetrates skin to soften and moisturise. It reduces itching and inflammation - Pearl powder gently exfoliates and also brightens your complexion - Jojoba beads are uniform round balls made from Jojoba oil. It is a gentle exfoliator that doesn’t scratch your skin. It is completely biodegradable. - Bamboo powder is powder exfoliant that is a gentle yet effective in sloughing off dead skin to reveal fresh new skin. It also completely biodegradable - Easy wash-off.


Store in cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat. Always wear sunscreen during the day. Please note: KEEP AWAY FROM WATER (This is a self preserving product.

Use dry hands and keep moisture away. If the product is accidentally exposed to water, please use it up within 7-10 days) This is a potent natural product.

Please do a patch test before use. Please do not use if you are aware of allergies to the any of the ingredients. Suitable for vegans. PATCH TEST: Use a little amount on the inner side of the elbow. Wait for 24 hours and look for any adverse reactions. In case of adverse reactions, discontinue use immediately. Wash area completely of product. If symptoms persist, consult a healthcare professional.

TIP - Use it on dry skin. The butter and oils melt and nourish the skin before being washed away.