Rustic Organic Bamboo/Cotton Swaddle

Rustic Organic Bamboo/Cotton Swaddle

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The Adoreu baby Rustic hand-drawn Swaddle is made using beautiful organic cotton/organic bamboo fabric, it is so very soft to touch, lightweight and perfect for wrapping your precious little baby in.

120 x 120 is the perfect size for swaddling.

This lightweight design can be used as a fabulous multi-functional blanket, makes a wonderful nursing cover, sheet, comforter or play mat, perfect as your baby grows.


70% Organic Bamboo & 30% Organic Cotton, designed in Tasmania.

Care Instructions:  Wash before use, wash in cool water with like colours, tumble dry at low heat, iron at cool temperature.

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Why choose adoreu baby?
It is important to us that our children have a healthy planet to grow up with.  We know all parents feel this way, so we have done the research for you, and created a range that aligns with our values and love for the environment.  Bamboo is the best choice for your baby, and for the planet’s future.

Why Bamboo?
Bamboo, is a grass rather than a tree, making it one of the most sustainable resources on earth, textile or otherwise.  Bamboo can grow up to 91cm in one single day.  It does not require replanting due to its vast root network.  Especially important to adoreu baby, is that bamboo is organic, it does not need fertilisers or pesticides to assist in growth.  Not only is it earth-friendly, but it is also an environmentally intelligent choice because bamboo minimises CO2 and generates 35% more oxygen than trees.   It is also 100% biodegradable.

Organic, Eco-Friendly and Sustainable
It’s the increased awareness & demand for sustainability in kids fashion and textiles over recent years that has truly inspired our collection.  We are so proud to have had this concept at the forefront of our ethos from day one.  We have created a sustainable, eco friendly, collection which is manufactured to the highest standard using the most beautiful organic bamboo textiles and accredited by GOTS, OEKO-TEX.  We know how important it is for parents to know they are purchasing the highest quality items for their precious little people and you can be assured you are doing that, when you select something from the adoreu baby collection.

We can not thank you enough for your ongoing support.

Tasmanian designed and owned.